Social Responsibility Initiatives

Ensuring the conservation and protection of endangered species so they may thrive and co-exist without threat

Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserves’ social responsibility initiatives play a very special part in the conservation and protection of the Reserve’s delicate ecosystem.  Through ecotourism Stanley & Livingstone aim to raise awareness, protect and educate the community.

Preservation and Conservation

Learning the importance of preservation and conservation starts with education. Through knowledge and understanding, communities and the rest of the world can learn the importance of protecting and sustaining our natural biodiversity.

Stanley & Livingstone’s ongoing conservation initiatives offer a rare opportunity to interact and learn from these amazing animals, projects such as the Black Rhino Conservation Experience make all the difference to the critically endangered black rhino population.

Without awareness and involvement from the public and initiates like these, species may have a difficult time thriving and co-existing without threat. The preservation and conservation of the Victoria Falls ecosystem is paramount.

This place of magic and beauty, vast landscapes and wild animals roaming free, holds the world’s most pristine piece of African wilderness – the Big Five, elephants and the endangered black rhino.

Play a part in the preservation and conservation of Victoria Falls. Book your unforgettable stay now at Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve.