The Nakavango Conservation Programme

With its diverse wilderness areas, abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery, Victoria Falls still remains vastly untouched and untamed

Based at the Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve, the Nakavango Conservation Centre aims to make a difference to the spectacular Victoria Falls through integration of conservation and education of communities.

Preserving Victoria Falls

The Nakavango Conservation Programme’s vision is one of preserving the natural environment of Victoria Falls for our children – the future generation.  It focuses on community development projects such as the “Children in the Wilderness” programme – which helps to enrich people’s lives by preserving the beautiful Victoria Falls area, including the preservation and conservation of the Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve.

The Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve is the only “Big Five” reserve in Victoria Falls, due to the presence of the black rhino. The Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ) for black rhino monitors the black rhino in the area with the aim of increasing the population and protecting the species from poaching.

The Reserve also falls under the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area, which aims to promote sustainable ecotourism across the five countries of Africa namely: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Angola.

Nakavango is also proud to include the Bear Grylls Survival Academy course and various courses aimed at educating and training people interested in experiencing hands on conservation.

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